Boys at Downe House Riyadh

From Pre-School to Year 4 we offer an outstanding co-educational (mixed boys’ and girls’ classes) experience for our younger pupils delivered by our outstanding female-only teaching team. Boys at Downe House Riyadh are only admitted up to and including Year 4.

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What are the options for boys after Year 4?

While there are no boys at Downe House Riyadh after Year 4, we are partnered with another outstanding British curriculum school in Riyadh – King’s College Riyadh. From 2023, boys graduating from Downe House Riyadh at the end of Year 4 will be offered a preferential admissions pathway into King’s College Riyadh.

The benefit of this partnership is that boys can transition into another premium British school that shares a very similar culture, ethos and curriculum to Downe House Riyadh.