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Our aim is for all pupils to flourish in a nurturing and supportive environment, where they have the tools and confidence to succeed.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Downe House Riyadh, our principal language of instruction is English. We recognise that your child may be learning in a ‘second language’ and, as such, offer excellent EAL programmes to support and enhance progress.

Our EAL programmes ensure IGCSE and A Level examinations are accessible, providing your daughter with the opportunity to attend some of the top UK, US, and local universities.

The EAL programme is tiered, offering a variety of support programmes depending on each pupil’s needs. These include EAL group sessions, one-to-one tuition, additional teaching and learning resources, online activities, and mentoring. Pupils on the programme are consistently monitored with regular assessments to track progress.

There is an additional charge for all pupils who receive EAL support which utilises resources outside of their normal lessons. These charges are reviewed on an annual basis.


Learning Support

Downe House Riyadh aims to cater for the needs of each pupil. A dedicated Learning Support Department is equipped to oversee the requirements of pupils with mild to moderate Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The Department is an integral part of Downe House and focuses on individual progress. Its aim is to enable each pupil to learn in a way that suits their unique profile, and to promote those skills for learning that underpin consistent progress across the subject range.

All pupils requiring learning support have a personalised learning plan. The Learning Support Department enables all teachers to incorporate their pupil’s plan into their lesson planning, ensuring that their needs are catered for in all contexts. In addition, the Learning Support Department runs individual or small group intervention sessions for pupils who require more focused support to access the curriculum.

The Department aims to encourage all pupils to grow in confidence by recognising their unique strengths and to assist them in identifying strategies which they can transfer into their own learning; pupils are thus supported to flourish in the classroom and beyond. As early identification is vital, parents are required to disclose the nature of any specific learning difficulties in advance of an application.

Downe House Riyadh ensures that the Learning Support Department is equipped with the resources needed to support all pupils in making excellent progress.


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