Why choose Downe House Riyadh?

Downe House Riyadh provides a world-class curriculum without compromise in a traditional yet innovative setting.

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The first premium British girls’ school in Saudi Arabia

In a country where girls-only education is highly valued, Downe House brings over 100 years of experience, helping to deliver a first-class education.

Our ethos is to nurture and challenge our pupils in a warm, happy environment and respect them as individuals with wide-ranging talents and ambitions. Our Downe House DNA informs and influences everything we do at the school.

Downe House Riyadh develops girls into confident, young women with abilities to contribute successfully in society and on a global stage. Our broad, all-inclusive curriculum has a proven track-record of ensuring that girls graduate to the world’s top universities.

Saudi culture and Arabic language

The Downe House approach is sensitively tailored to fit the context of Riyadh. Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Social Studies are all central components of our curriculum. They are delivered by subject specialist teachers and the curriculum frameworks we adopt are aligned with the requirements of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia.


Secure state-of-the-art campus

Downe House Riyadh operates within an all-female faculty where your child’s safety is a priority.

The school is designed by two leading Saudi female architects, where state-of-the-art buildings and facilities have been purpose built to deliver outstanding education. The campus houses some of the finest school facilities in Riyadh. These include dedicated libraries, central atriums, specialised science and IT labs, music studios complete with auditorium seating, a 560-seat theatre and an expansive sports complex, including an indoor swimming pool.

Outstanding education delivered through an extended day

Whilst many schools in Riyadh finish by 2pm, Downe House Riyadh has an extended school day. This longer day ensures that pupils have the opportunity to discover interests and talents beyond the classroom, helping them to build character, team-working skills and self-confidence.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical Downe House girl’

At Downe House Riyadh, we provide an environment that both supports your daughter’s development and celebrates her individuality – there is no such thing as a ‘typical Downe House girl’.

However, what is typical, is that all pupils are challenged to fulfil their potential through a strong academic focus and a broad and balanced curriculum, underpinned by our Downe House DNA. We provide almost limitless opportunities for them to follow wherever their talents and ambitions take them.

Admission Enquiries

Admissions Enquiries

The best way to find out more about Downe House Riyadh is to arrange a call with our team.