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No matter which profession or career path she chooses, a Downe House girl graduates with the skills and confidence to realise her potential. Her journey is supported by a range of expert guidance provided by the school.

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Higher education and careers guidance

Making choices about the future is a complex and daunting task for anyone, but the key to success lies in making informed decisions. To enable girls to choose a course, a career or an alternative pathway, Downe House Riyadh provides comprehensive higher education and careers guidance support.

Girls are familiarised with a range of different careers and roles and start to find out more about the skills that employers look for and the requirements of industry in general. Girls explore the concepts of work, leisure, training, career, education, and work-life balance. They are taught decision-making skills and are introduced to financial terms. These experiences enable the girls to develop a stronger understanding of real-world concepts and to reflect on their own skills, interests, and ambitions, helping them make the right choices for their educational journey.

Guidance is delivered in a variety of ways including CV workshops, presentations, lectures, one-to-one appointments, interview practice and introduction to psychometric testing.

Admissions Enquiries

Admissions Enquiries

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